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A good working atmosphere and small rotation: classic arguments from the Human Resources department that each company gladly gloats over. It is only natural that you expect it from us.

But is that truly everything what makes a workplace attractive?

Shouldn’t one also take pride in the products and services that they contribute to with their own creativity, as well as the enthusiasm for personal work?

We have customers from the most diverse sectors such as medical technology, oil and gas extraction, aerosol measurement or image processing. Thus, our electronics can be found in blood analysis devices, medical CT-scanners or bone extensions in human bodies, as well as in lighting systems or automated control of baggage conveyor systems in airports.

And these are only a few examples. We take pride in what we do. And we would obviously also be proud if you became a part of our team!


Company health insurance (after 5 years of seniority)

Company-supported retirement scheme

JobRad bicycle and e-bike leasing/company car (depending on the job)

Flat hierarchies, fast decisions, short routes

Individual support through regular performance reviews, as well as activity and personality-oriented further training opportunities.

Flexible working hours and various forms and models of flexible work. It goes without saying that we also accommodate part-time employment and remote working.


Start working in an exciting professional field - with an apprenticeship at vbe!

An apprenticeship at vbe means for us more than just providing professional expertise. We would like you to discover and personally develop your own potential further.

Using as many insights in the most diverse departments, we enable you to find out yourself what your own strengths are and what your professional focus will be on in the future.

Our most important goal is to hire you after you have completed your apprenticeship. We do not regard our apprentices as “cheap help” for our simple tasks but rather as our future specialists. You can contribute actively from the very start.


Are you looking for an internship and would like to gain initial experience in professional life?

We will accompany you on the way into the future and enable you to complete internships in the following occupations (m/w/d):

  • Electronics technician for systems and devices
  • Industrial clerk

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