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Electronics at its best

We leave nothing to chance, because we want to deliver only first class products to you. Our test strategies are coordinated with the customer and individually tailored to the application concerned. vbe’s technical equipment meets every need, enabling detailed, in-depth testing on fair terms.

Your project in experienced hands

We pursue a Zero Defect strategy, the internal works standard is IPC-JSTD-001 Class 3. Of course we fulfil the acceptance criteria IPC-A-610 Class 2 and Class 3. Every one of our production team is a trained and certified IPC Specialist (CIS). Our quality assurance has the qualification of Certified IPC Trainer (CIT).

Getting to the bottom of things

Components with connections that cannot be optically tested, like BGAs, QFNs and LGAs, are tested by X-ray for soldering quality and shrink hole formation. High resolution X-ray technology belongs to vbe’s standard methods for fault analysis and production control in module manufacturing.

Our test services:

• Optical quality control (AOI and X-ray)
• Function test, IC test, flying probe test
• JTAG/boundary scan
• Logic programming in and outside the circuit
• Development and construction of test adaptors for ICT + FCT
• Development and construction of test systems under LabView for the function testing of modules and devices
• Testing of high performance electronics

Our test equipment:

Automatic optical inspection Orpro Vision Vantage S22 Inline (AOI)
Digital microscope Keyence VHX-600k
Stereo microscope 2x Vision Engineering Lynx
X-ray plant GE Micromex 180
Flying probe Condor MTS500
Boundary scan Göpel

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