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Well-equipped for the future – vbe Obsolescence Management

The rapid pace of developent is ceaselessly bringing us new products with more and more performance features. But it also results in some products getting “outmoded” after just a few years. Our vbe Obsolescence Management ensures that you can keep your obligations to your customers and can continue to (re)produce products over the desired period

Your advantages with vbe Obsolescence Management:
• Our parts list check will find out for you: we inform you early on about the status of components and the year when they will be discontinued
• We inform you of procurement difficulties in our offer
• We provide information on parts and replacement types in the event of procurement problems in order processing
• vbe gives expert recommendations and support regarding future procurement, re-design and long-term storage (conservation of parts)
With vbe you are on the safe side:
• Database of 250 million electronic components by several thousand manufacturers
• Bauteilinformationen direkt vom Hersteller
• Teams of experts optimise the database continuously
• Information about procurement risks and replacement products as well as suppliers and stock levels

This is what our customers say

“Things would have looked pretty bad for us seven years after starting production, if we hadn’t listened to the warnings of vbe. Our future-proof horizon is now twice that.”


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